9 Des 2009

Poor that are richer than the rich

In modern world depression is something as common as having a headache or a hangover after a rough night out, but only few people realize how serious this problem really is. Try to find a person who has never shown signs of depression and you will realize that it's almost impossible. Almost, but not definitely. Recent studies have shown that there is a group of people in the modern world who don't even know what depression is all about. And surprisingly, these people are generally very poor and far from what most people would consider as good wellbeing.

While this statement will seem ridiculous to most of us, this is true and can be proven even using simple logics. You won't see a poor man or woman worrying about their lost success, or craving for a new car they want to get so bad. The only thing they worry about is getting food and having a place to spend a cold night. These people are free from aspirations and stresses most middle and upper class individuals have to deal with. If put simple, poor people are in a dream-like state of full mental harmony with their physiological needs. They aren't troubled by their spiritual or emotional desires, they aren't troubled by things others might think or say about them. Of course, living below the line of poverty has its stresses and burdens but they are always stripped down to simple bodily needs. No psychological worries, no stress, no depression.

In contrast, you will find the majority of extremely rich and upper class individual taking Xanax, Prozac or Valium to calm down and get them through. Having much money or being in the spotlight has its price tag, which usually comes in the form of certain limits, responsibilities and things to worry about. People from middle and upper classes pay too much attention to they way others see them and this alone is a rich source of mental stress. And what happens when something goes slightly wrong? A homeless individual won't bother if his or her new Bentley gets stolen, because they don't have it. A rich mogul will hire dozens of professionals to protect his private house and spend hours (and tons of valium)on worrying about the latest news from stock exchange. And isn't it ironic that in such a situation the poor are actually richer than the rich, if you know from what point of view to look?

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20 Nov 2009

Spend less than a hundred dollars on your flight

To be able to get a cheap flight you will need to know how the whole system works. Discovering how airlines determine airfare pricing and discounts will definitely give you the opportunity to get extremely cheap flights under $100 and get the most out of your travel. There are destinations that are never cheap due to the high popularity among people. But there are also those that have he prices going up and down the scale.

One of the best advices we were given by specialist in the traveling domain is to book in advance. You should give yourself time to think it over, to compare and make up your mind so you don't have to feel bad about your decision. Ticket prices are prone to severe fluctuation and a patient and observant consumer can catch some great deals just by keeping an eye on them.

Getting a ticket for less than a hundred dollars should be awarded with a prize. It is some form of art. Just imagine how relaxed and happy you would be, knowing you didn't use your last pennies to get on that plane. This is the type of trip that is most likely to bring you pleasure and joy and of course, satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you want you ticket cheap you should know to book it in "off" season. What it means is that you might be traveling to the country that doesn't have the perfect weather conditions - depending on the climate - it can be too hot there at the moment of your trip or rainy and cold. Well, it is a risk but just think how pleasantly surprised you will be when everything turns out to be just fine.

If you are aware of the conditions under which the airlines determine discounts, you will know how to get flights for less than a hundred. But we want to stop you from making a mistake. Don't fall in for some trap. Always double-check everything to know you are not spending money in vain.

You can try to find you first cheap ticket online. Visit multiple discounted traveling sites and compare prices. Make a list of them. Nowadays many airline companies are using promos and different package deals to attract costumers. What if there is something you need there as well? Cheap airline tickets could be waiting for you one of those websites. Use your chance to find it and you will see that airline tickets don't have to make you cry from anger. They can bring a smile back to your face.

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Tips on romantic travels

In the route creating, navigating unfamiliar place and a budget sticking process, travelers find romance in practicality. In spite of traveling difficulties, it's not that difficult to find a little romantic inspiration on the trip. When you buy airfare tickets you don't have to plan the perfect travel. Flavor your romantic life with inexpensive and unique ways to make it spicy.

You must know, that many famous romantic places aren't as romantic as they seem to be in movies or photographs. For example, the Eiffel Tower - Paris's symbol of romance. People have wait about 45 minutes and pay 12 Euro per person to take a crowded trip with nauseous tourists. It's still worth a visit, but not a for a romantic time spending. You should walk around the historic Montmartre neighborhood, and have some cafe au lait at an out-of-the-way cafe.

It's all the same with all the other most visited and famous places in the world. Each and every city has unique places for romantic privacy. If you're looking for personal experience with your co-traveler, you should seek out infamous museums, attractions and monuments. Or, you can visit crowded places early in the morning.

Instead of staying in an expensive hotel room, try to find a place where you can feel yourself more like at home. It's particularly romantic, because couples can make a familiar and comfortable retreat in an unfamiliar place.

Of course, long beach walks are truly romantic. But, you are surely more original than that! That's what you should try. Take your loved one to Alaska, Rockies or Iceland or any other wintry "undiscovered" place and book some clearly snug lodging. Snow-caped mountains, cracking fireplace, jacuzzi will definitely make your trip unusually romantic. There you can take a ride through a snowy forest, ski downhill or skate on a frozen lake. And after that come back to your cozy lodging and warm up with your sweet loved one! And sometimes you will get cheap airfare tickets to such "unpopular" places for romantic vacations - another thing to consider when planning your trip.

If you're a parent, many family resorts' elements tend to destroy the adult idea of romance. Well, there's a way to get a one-on-one precious moments! There are multiple organized childcare programs and activity centers. Many cruise lines have different programs for children, while mom and dad chill in spa or dine out.

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What happens when you can’t afford a ticket?

It became very expensive to fly. There is a word on the street that you have to be quite wealthy nowadays to be able to do it more than twice a year. And really ... what happens when you can't afford to purchase the airway ticket? Do you have to say goodbye to your dream of going abroad? NO! There are various ways of getting a good discounted price for the places you want to visit so much.

Here are some points to consider before you start packing your bags.

a) Every now and then airline decides to drop the prices. There can be many reasons for it. Some do it to win the competition and get more people on-board. This is called price war. It is all so well-planned. It starts will one airline giving travelers a good discount and that is when others start to follow. They are trying to reduce price to minimum so the costumer chooses their airline instead of the other one. Another reason could be the demand. During a slow season, there are less airplane travelers over a period of time. Airline carriers lower down their ticket prices or give discounts on them to prevent backlogs of flight travels.

If you want to get a good priced ticket you better do some research. There is nothing better than internet when you need to find information. There are various online travel sites that will grant their advices for free. You can email your questions to them which they will be happy to answer. They can advice you on how to get a cheap airway ticket when you need it.

b) Travel packages are totally the best. If booked separately they are expensive, but when you book a package trip you will be absolutely amazed by the price opportunities you might get. This works well for those who are traveling with families consisting of more than 3 people. The package usually includes: accommodation, itineraries, insurance, and plane tickets.

c) Tickets are available on the internet. There are some basic sites that sell the airway tickets for the reasonable prices. These travel sites purchase tickets from the airline carriers by bulk so they can reduce the price a little to satisfy their clients.

d) Cheap airline tickets can be obtained in special cases by some groups of people. First of all those are military people or war veterans. Age also matters as student and kids get a discount on their airline tickets.

e) It is better for you wallet to go for a smaller airline carriers. It doesn't have to be big to be safe. Remember that. What you see in movies is not what you have in reality. Search a small airline that gives you the best ticket rate.

Going on a vacation can be so entertaining. You don't have to be bothered about the cost. Get your cheap airline ticket today and forget all your worries. Airline tickets that are affordable are the best motivation to travel!

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Traveling via Mexican Reduction Airways

Mexico's two main airways, Aeromexico and Mexicana de Aviacion were openly appurtenant and controlled the Mexican air traveling market for many years. Rates were excessive, so the most of Mexicans and tourists have been traveling via bus. When these airways were privatized, some Mexican reduction airways have come in the scene, making rivalry and sending air rates down.

In the past times budget travelers haven't considered traveling by airplane within Mexico, and they've been spending a lot of long hours on buses. Mexico's bus facility might be perfect - with different service levels and well coverage everywhere in the country, but Mexico is huge, and bus travel among destinations might take a tangibly long time. So budget travelers may exult that airway in Mexico is now a fertile choice.

There are some cautions. Travel agents frequently do not involve Mexican reduction airways in their retrieves. So discovering and booking tickets may demand quite a bit of exploration - you'll need to visit each airway's website, plug in the source, destination and dates you would want to travel and collate rates. It is worthwhile the strain, anyway, because you might discover some truly great offers - and expending the time in front of your computer beforehand can really save you much travel time that you would expend riding the bus.

When looking for air rates with Mexican reduction airways, take in account these points: Talk only Spanish: Websites of several airways are only in Spanish. Search for a small US flag to toggle to an English version if possible.

Rates in pesos: Don't be appalled when you notice a rate is $1500 - that's not dollars, that's pesos. Ten pesos is sharply equal to one US dollar, so split the price by ten to receive a sharp point of what the rate will cost you.

Fees and taxes not involved: The primary value listed usually does not involve fees and taxes. You will see the complete price after choosing your route (but before bringing in your private data). Fees and taxes might be enormous - at time even up to 40% of air rate.

No paper plane tickets: Most of Mexican discount flights work without tickets. In place of getting a paper ticket you receive an Internet reservation code and route to print out. At the ticket bureau you grant your reservation code and present your ID to obtain your boarding admission.

Alternative airports: Mexican reduction airways can fly out of alternative airports in place of major centers. Some airways are offering turnaround amongst main destinations and airport.

Cancellations and annulment: Most discount flights permit changes to reservations ahead of the flight, and change fees are sensible. Verify your airway for final dates for changes. Annulments are generally not permitted, nor is it allowed to alter the name on the plane ticket.

Luggage weight restraints might be limiting so be certain to verify that you don't go over the limits. If you transcend the restraints you may anticipate returning additional fees.

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Cheap Flights for Both Seniors and Students

Student travel becomes prevails more and more nowadays, as more and more airways and travel agencies are selling packages, tickets to this significant piece of travelers. Students are frequently traveling and, in accordance with studies, are not as concerned in comfort levels of the transportation mode, but preferably wish to achieve their terminal point without spending too much money.

After students have caught the sights of travel facility suppliers, new kinds of facilities have been triggered to draw as many customers as possible from this piece. Although, students have small budgets, they're significant, because they are traveling often and they are numerous. The student air fares are budget plane travel possibilities that students may turn to account to lower air travel costs.

There are 3 general kinds of facility suppliers that are selling student airplane tickets: airlines, travel agencies, and tailored travel agencies (these generally or solely are selling student travel facilities). If you are a student, you need to consider every opportunity to fly inexpensive, but how do you purchase your reduced tickets? Well, at first, make certain that you obtain all the needed I.D's and documents. You will not find student travel offers at every travel facility supplier, but those that proffer such facilities demand particular papers, commonly accessible from your university, concrete associations, or student organizations. This happens more frequently in the case of student travel-tailored corporations.

To purchase student airfare tickets, sometimes it's adequate to vindicate that you are a student. Some travel agents and airways market tickets in this easy structure. What about their profit? Well, they just draw a lot of students and so, they market more. To search out student airfares, we advise you to check out consolidators at first. The possibility to discover such probabilities is higher amidst them than in the case of airways.

It's always better to compare among airfares proffered by various corporations and only then make a selection. Amount is important as well. Frequently, you may receive reductions on airplane tickets if you carry friends along with you. More travelers might be meaning fewer costs, but only in case the company has such proffers... About student airfares and travel, we may say, it's better for everyone to search out for himself, as the proffers and the circumstances vary from company to company, and country to country.

Senior airfares are also pretty popular facilities, proposed by airways specifically, but as well by travel agencies.

Cheap airfare tickets might be simply purchased, if you know the way to get them. All you need is an old age, if there are corporations in your country that proffer senior airfares, than all you need to do is verify their proposals and conditions of complicity, collate them and choose what you decide.

If you live in the United States, we advise you to examine the senior travel proffers of such airways like: Midwest, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. The demanded ages vary, the common conditions of complicity are exposed to substitute, but the main idea is: the less age demanded is generally amidst 55 and 65, the reductions are approximately 10%, which is not a lot, but ponder of the thing that this way, every eleventh flight is completely free in case you turn to account these senior travel possibilities.

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Helpful Tips on Airport Internet Use

Once again got in a flight delay? It's claimed that 48 minutes is the usual duration of domestic flight delay. It's good you have your laptop, and all the emotions gathered in your chest are just one click away from that gossip blog. There is a significant increase in the use of different electronic devices, including laptops. And airports are now offering wireless connection to the Internet - Wi-Fi. It's clear, that in different airports are different Internet options. And you have to be prepared. Do you get Internet in airport for free, or does it charge for connection? For some tourists, that wish to log on, entering the special airline lounge seems to be the best alternative. But the Wi-Fi for others will definitely be more helpful. And what to do with this eternal problem of dying battery? Open your laptop and see, what airports have got lately with Wi-Fi. Yes, you should know, that sometimes you would pay for using the web in airports, anyhow there are multiple spots that offer connection as a politeness. The biggest US airport providing free Wi-Fi is Las Vegas. Other free airports where Wi-Fi is offered include Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale and Denver. But don't flatter yourself - free of charge doesn't always mean simple and free. The overall opinion seems to be, that free of charge services can be unstable. Some airports, that offer free WI-Fi also include the paid access. On a little more disputable moment, there is a couple of airports, with free Wi-Fi, that have some sites blocked that are considered to be offensive. The question "Is there a Wi-Fi access?" has transformed into the question "Is there a free Wi-Fi access?" regardless of whether you have cheap tickets or business class flights, that travelers will ask most often. But hold on! There are some places where you won't find any wireless capabilities. Going to Van Nuys, California? Or you got a stop in Molokai, Hawaii or Jackson, Mississippi? Then, you have to forget about your e-mail or reading through the RSS news feeds. Outside Honolulu, that has a paid Wi-Fi offer, the majority of airports in Hawaii don't have Wi-Fi at all. Battery life is a frequent problem for people using electronic devices in the airport. Many airports, mostly those frequented by business travelers, did install charging stations where you can renew battery in your cell phone, laptop and many other devices. Also, don't forget to consider plug styles and voltages, if you're traveling to an international airport. Nice drinks, tasty snacks, comfortable seats, a clean bathroom and Internet access. That's the sector of the lounge, that elite business travelers and a few everyday tourists want to pay for the entrance privilege. Most airline lounges include Wi-Fi, and many feature the service in the cost. Which ones? American Airlines, Northwest and British Airways, to name some of them. Many airport lounges also include data ports. There you can connect your computer to the Internet for free. Also, there, you can recharge your dying battery. So, if they want you to pay for Wi-Fi, don't lose heart, only remember to not forget your Internet cable.

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